PC-based control for warehouse and distribution logistics

PC-based control for highly efficient and flexible warehouse and distribution logistics

High demands are placed on modern warehouse and distribution systems. They must guarantee fast availability and at the same time maximum individualization as well as high efficiency and reliability in order to meet increasing customer requirements. Among the greatest challenges facing the manufacturers of conveying equipment and logistics systems is flexible adaptation to changing market trends, new products and individual customer wishes. The PC and EtherCAT-based automation platform from Beckhoff offers the solution: High-performance, modular in structure and precisely scalable with regard to its performance, it supports the implementation of efficient and flexible warehouse and distribution logistics of different orders of magnitude and with different tasks. As an integrated hardware and software platform, the PC platform is suitable both for controlling individual machines and for automating complete plants. Open interfaces and the modularity of the PC-based control platform allow the implementation of individual intralogistic solutions tailored to the respective requirements and thus open up technological and economical competitive advantages.