Solar industry

Scalable control technology enables customised solutions in the solar industry

Industrial PCs, I/O components and drive technology represent a complete control solution for the field installation of photovoltaic and CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) systems using TwinCAT automation software and EtherCAT, the fast Ethernet fieldbus. The PC-based control technology offers an effective and cost-efficient solution. The networking of e.g. both the individual trackers and the solar plants helps ensure a stable and efficient power supply.

Applications & Solutions


Solutions: With the open PC-based control technology Beckhoff offers a universal, scalable and high-performance control platform for the solar industry.

Bus Terminals

Bus Terminals: More than 400 different I/O terminals cover all signals required in the solar industry.

TwinCAT – the control plattform

TwinCAT – the control plattform: TwinCAT offers a universal development environment based on programming standards with which all control challenges can be solved. The TwinCAT Solar Position Algorithm software library enables high-precision determination of e.g. current sun angles.

EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication

EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication: EtherCAT, the real-time Ethernet system from Beckhoff, is characterised by full Ethernet compatibility, maximum utilisation of the Ethernet bandwidth, outstanding real-time characteristics, fl exible topology,almost unrestricted network expansion and openness, and simple handling.